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Hydrostatic Testing and Requalification

We are a United States Dept. of Transportation (DOT) approved facility for the requalification of DOT, UN, and ISO specification compressed gas cylinders and tubes. Our facilities and equipment can accommodate tubes up to 24 inches in diameter and 40 feet in length. We can offer our clients a 10 year requalification period where permitted. If you have a configuration of tubes that need to be requalified, we offer various testing methods. Please contact us to discuss the best method of testing for your application.

Because we know how important it is for our customers to present a professional image, we can refurbish your trailer or ISO MEGC frame while tubes are being requalified. Frames are shot-blasted down to bare metal and inspected and refurbished to a like new condition and all chassis, frames and tubes are finished with custom paint coatings in our modern paint booths. Once finished, your compressed gas trailer or MEGC frame will be ready for years of reliable service.

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