Emission & Ultrasonic Testing

  • Acoustic Emissions/Ultrasonic Testing

Acoustic Emission and Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic Examination

Acoustic Emission Testing is essentially the use of sound to detect potential flaws in whatever is being tested. Requalification by Acoustic Emission Testing (AE) and Ultrasonic Examination (UE) has been granted to TEA Technologies, Inc. under a Department of Transportation Special Permit number 12629 (DOT-SP 12629) in lieu of hydrostatic testing for DOT 3AX, 3AAX, 3T, 3AA and 3A tubes. TEA Technologies, Inc. has the latest acoustic emission equipment and is staffed by ASNT Level II technicians and a Level III Senior Review Technologist. We offer AE/UE testing at each of our facilities and our technicians are able to field test as well.

Ultrasonic Examination

Occasionally, a tube will require further examination. Our technicians are certified to perform Ultrasonic Testing if a tube shows a potential flaw on the AE test. Essentially, an ultrasonic pulse is applied to the “flawed” area(s) to confirm the location and size of the defect(s).

Benefits of Acoustic Emission (AE) Testing

  • A dry gas is used to pressurize the tube in lieu of water which keeps the tube cleaner
  • Can test the unit at lower pressure with the use of gas instead of water
  • Test equipment is mobile and can be brought to the customer for onsite testing
  • UE can be used to further examine an anomaly
  • May not require disassembly, resulting in a faster turnaround
Ultrasonic Computer AE-Test
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