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Hydrostatic Testing and Requalification

Bulk Specialty Gas Equipment

Welcome to Portersville Sales and Testing, Inc. We are located in the central west part of Pennsylvania with easy access to our facility from Interstates 76 and 79. Founded in 1976, we cover the central west, northeast and southeast of the country. We specialize in requalification and refurbishment of Department of Transportation (DOT) compressed gas tube trailers and ASME ground storage assemblies. We also specialize in fabrication of stainless steel manifolds and field repair service work on ground storage vessels. Our company has over 30 years of experience in the compressed gas industry and we are here to meet any type of compressed gas service needs.

Portersville Sales and Testing has the same capabilities as its sister company Western Sales and Testing in regards to manufacture and requalification of tube trailers and MEGCs. Portersville Sales and Testing can also meet all of your compressed gas ground storage requirements.

Contact us if our Western Pennsylvania location can serve your compressed gas equipment needs.

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