Trailer Manufacture and Refurbishment

Portersville Sales and Testing fabricates all trailer chassis and MECG frames in house and can accommodate all customer requirements. All chassis and MEGC frames are manufactured in accordance with all applicable United States Department of Transportation (DOT) and U.N. rules and regulations.

Portersville Sales and Testing is able to completely refurbish all compressed gas equipment to a like new state regardless of condition. We can restore all component systems of transport equipment such as: lighting, air and brake, axles, fifth wheel sections, or perform a complete modification of the mainframe itself.

Tube Trailers

Consider our services if you operate compressed gas transport equipment. We have been manufacturing and refurbishing tube trailers for the compressed gas industry since the mid-1970s and can handle all of your compressed gas equipment needs.

Jumbo Trailer Side View
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Portersville Sales & Testing