Equipment Leasing

  • Tube Trailer Leasing
  • Multiple Element Gas Containers (MEGC)
  • Bulk Gas Ground Storage Units

Let us Create a Lease to Meet Your Needs


P-Leasing, Inc is proud to offer the compressed gas industry a wide range of compressed gas transport equipment. We have different industry-standard configurations or we can tailor the equipment to fit your special needs.

Depending on gas service, higher capacities and other configurations are available upon request.


Need something with more volume? We also have 22” OD DOT “Mini-Jumbo” tube trailers. Still need more volume? Then you may need our 22” OD full size “Jumbo” tube trailer. We even provide UN-USA tubes for any configuration and ASME ground storage options.

Will your shipment be moving internationally? We also offer ISO Multiple Element Gas Containers (MEGCs) in 20’ and 40’ lengths that can ship via road, rail, or sea. We can configure the MEGCs with just the right amount of tubes to maximize your cargo and minimize your shipping costs. Depending on destination and travel routes, we can offer all of the appropriate certifications to help ensure clearance at international ports.


Regardless of which equipment works best for you, we can even paint and decal the equipment to seamlessly integrate with your company fleet. Our lease terms are from 1 to 84 months and we have equipment and service capabilities in Texas, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

Contact us today to discuss your leasing needs.

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