Electronic and Specialty Gas Equipment


BKC specializes in the requalification and preparation of equipment used in the transport of ultra-high purity electronic gases. Equipment used in the semiconductor industry must meet cleanliness and dryness levels much higher than standard industrial gas applications. BKC has developed and refined detailed processes to ensure these higher level results.

We can provide equipment for sale or lease (P-Leasing, Inc.) for the international transport of bulk quantities of compressed gasses.

Let us be your solution for transporting bulk quantities of industrial and specialty gases.

See the capacities chart below for some of our different configurations.

Model Size Max. # Tubes Max. Length Tube Max. Gross Weight Frame Weight Max. Wt of Tubes
+ Product
WS-0820 20'x8'x51" 8 18'6" 36,000 lbs. 4,511 lbs. 31,489 lbs.
WS-1220-96 20'x8'x8' 12 18'6" 52,900 lbs. 8,200 lbs. 44,700 lbs.
WS-1220-78 20'x8'x78" 11 18'6" 44,797 lbs. 6,633 lbs. 38,164 lbs.
WS-0740 40'x8'x51" 8 36" 67,200 lbs. 7,500 lbs. 59,700 lbs.
WS-0940 40'x8'x8' 12 34'4" 61,882 lbs. 9,491 lbs. 52,391 lbs.
WS-1040 40'x8'x78" 11 34'4" 57,945 lbs. 7,646 lbs. 50,299 lbs.
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